2. inyourheartverysad:

    duvan carmona /// cargocollective.com/duvancarmona

    Are you alright?

    Yea i’m great actually

    What do you love?

    The wind

    What do you hate?

    Wet socks

    What are you listening to right now?

    Galaxie 500

    Tell me what you do.

    Save money & document adventures

  3. youngshot:

    I S S U E #2   L A U N CH!

    H O M E   F R O M   H O M E



    Portobello Photography Gallery, London


    Including work by:

    Erin Geideman

    Marisa Chafetz

    Sam Leakey

    Kirsten Allen

    Anne Erhard

    Jeremy White

    Joelle de Vries

    Ryan Helfant

    Duvan Carmona

    Wildline Cadet

    Mirella Martinez

    Michelle Lee Wallace

    Annabel van Royen

    Anne Paternotte

    Emily Porter


    A launch exhibition in collaboration with One Giant Arm

    Make sure to check this out if you are in the area! one of my photos will be on display along many other amazing work!

  4. pudgemag:

    Duvan Carmona

    where are you from? I am from New Jersey

    where are you right now? on the road

    where do you want to be? exactly where I am

    website // tumblr // flickr // instagram

  5. by Duvan Carmona

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  8. by Duvan Carmona

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